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Welcome to “No Man’s Land: Borders in Blood”, a campaign written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system.

Centuries ago, a war across the planes sundered the connection between the gods and the mortal world, and dozens of planes crashed together and warped the material. Now, three great empires wage war for dominance over elemental leylines and the souls of mortal races. The original denizens of the world forced to either ally with the empires or cling to the borderlands. Ancient ruins caught between planes, magically warped into impossible shapes and configurations, may hold the wealth and resources necessary for intrepid adventurers to muster a resistance, found their own country, or profit from the wars ravaging the planet.

Before delving into the mechanics of character creation in Chapter 1, it may be useful to get an overview of Nexus, and perhaps read up on the Races and Pantheons. The page detailing the mining town of Bleakiron will give you some information on the starting location, and the campaign traits on the Getting Started page offer a few hooks into the setting.

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Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Races and Families
Chapter 3: Classes and Levelling
Chapter 4: Additional Rules, New Items, and New Spells
Chapter 5: Pantheons
Chapter 6: Bleakiron: Establishing a Setting

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Main Page

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