Character Creation Questionnaire

New Character Questionnaire
Please answer at least 10 of these questions and send the results in an email or other form to your DM

1. Does your character have any living family that the GM should be aware of? Does your character keep in contact with them? Where are they, if your character knows?

2. What is your character’s most treasured item? Where did they get it, and why does it matter to them?

3. What does your character desire more than anything else in the world? What would they be willing to give up go gain that?

4. What is something your character would never do, no matter how desperate the situation?

5. Who is your character’s closest friend or professional contact? How loyal are you to them, and how long have you known them?

6. What is your character’s favorite food? Least favorite?

7. What relaxes your character? What agitates them?

8. Does your character have a nervous habit? What about a pet peeve?

9. What is a good death in the mind of your character? How do they feel about the idea of resurrection or reincarnation?

10. Would your character rather take on sizable debt to gain an item they want now, or put off purchase until they have the money for it in a year’s time?

11. What is your character’s drink of choice?

12. What does your character’s ideal romantic partner look and act like?

13. How much gold would it take for your character to undertake a question with a 25% chance of death? 50%? 75% 99%?

14. Your character has been ambushed! What item do they always have on them for this situation?

15. How does your character react to being lied to?

16. Is your character likely to break their promise to someone if they stand to profit from it?

17. What is your character’s greatest fear? What other fears do they have? Ghouls? Dragons? Spiders? Kittens? Devils? Oblivion?

18. What is your character ashamed of? What are they proud of?

19. If your character could be remembered forever for a single accomplishment, what would it be?

20. Would your character attempt to use a strange device without knowing how it works to learn about it? Why or why not?

Character Creation Questionnaire

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