No Man's Land

First Session for a First Party

I am happy to announce that the first round of play for the first party in No Man’s Land has been scheduled to meet Sunday, August 16th. If you are playing a character, please do your best to have the following completed by then:

-A character sheet using the character creation rules listed on the Getting Started page.

-A short backstory, not necessarily in prose form but at least an idea of who you are and where you come from. Even if we have talked about your character, I would like a written summary at the very least so that I can have a copy to read over between sessions.

-The New Character Questionnaire to delve into your character’s motivations.

-Any link between characters in the party should be in written form somewhere, ideally in your summary, so that I can know and have it on hand.

Please note, since I have an Ascendant membership, we have a Forum that can be accessed for discussion of characters in public, so feel free to utilize this.

No Man's Land
Beta Reading

This campaign is currently in Beta Reading. Play is currently unscheduled. Try the Wiki main page


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