“Good bye, souls in the sky,
Cities turn to ash and the rivers run dry,
No more will gods ever hear us cry
And they fell.
That was the day the sky died,
That was the day the sky died."
-Folksong of the borderlands

Nexus is a world cut off from the gods. In eons past, extraplanar forces waged a war across the multiverse, releasing untold magic and devastating the Great Wheel. Though no one knows quite how, the gods were separated from their world, and the magical matrix that held planes apart began to fail, as convergences turned innumerable realms into one. This is Nexus, the material world warped by the forceful insertion of dozens of planes.

Without gods, there are three major factions that rule and command worship. In Elysium, angels rule cities with massive codices of holy laws and wage their eternal war against the forces of evil. Within the Thriae Kingdoms, insectoid queens and Fey Lieges rule over courtly intrigue combined with a rigid caste system. Avernus, the Empire of Iron, is the realm ruled by archdevils in grand citadels, between which roam the weakened but still terrible demon lords of the Abyssal Wilds. Though these forces command immense power, and they are ruled by godlike beings, not all the world bows to their authority. Fiercely independent Border Cities exist in the No Man’s Land between the borders of these empires, welcoming refugees or extorting the desperate. It is in one of these towns, Bleakiron, that our campaign starts.

All these empires are built upon the magic of Leylines, veins of raw elemental magic left from mythical planes of pure elemental power. Humanoids touched by elemental magic, whether commanding it as sorcerers or born as Ifrit, Oread, Suli, Sylph, and Undine, are the key to awakening these. Angel and demon alike will hunt down any such being that makes itself known, in hopes of using their blood in an arcane ritual that will awaken and empower more dormant engines of mystical energy.


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